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Translating Aotearoa New Zealand literature into Italian

Cover let it rain

Let it Rain E ua te ua

I have co-edited and partly translated this pioneer anthology of poery from Aotearoa in multilingual translation (Te Reo, Italian, French and Japanese) comprising both iconic and new poetry by about thirty NZ authors most of whom Māori and Pasifika. The book also features illustartions by local aritists

Piccoli buchi nel silenzio

Piccoli buchi nel silenzio

I have translated into Italian, edited and commented a collection the most meaningful poems from Hone Tuwhare’s collection Small Holes in the Silence.




I have translated into Italian and edited the first collection published in Italy by women Māori poets. Some of the poems were presented also in parallel text English and Te Reo Māori.



I have translated into Italian and commented the iconic novel Potiki by Patricia Grace.




I have translated into Italian and commented TU by Patricia Grace which focuses on the 28th Maori Battalion, fighting to free Italy during WW2 (from Taranto, Roma, Cassino, Firenze to Trieste).

tutto l'oro che puoi small

Tutto l'oro che puoi

I have translated into Italian and commented As much gold as an ass could carry by Vivienne Plumb. A collection of poetry, short stories and drama.

Radio NZ Interview

History is being made with a new collection of contemporary Māori women’s poetry.    Alongside the reo and English versions, the poems have been translated into Italian, 

Translation is a delicate and nuanced task.   Get it wrong and it changes not just the words but the whole meaning of the original piece.

But Antonella Sarti Evans has 25 years experience translating works by New Zealand authors – including Hone Tuwhare, Janet Frame and Patricia Grace – for Italian audiences.

The new collection of translated poems by Aotearoa and Cook Island Maaori is called Matariki and it’s published by a company in Rome.

Lynn Freeman talks with Antonella Sarti Evans, and invites her to read one of the poems.

Matariki, Sciame di Stelle (constellation swarm of stars): Poetesse Māori Contemporanee is translated by Antonella Sarti and published by Edizioni Ensemble, Rome.

Spiritcarvers: Interviews with Eighteen Writers from New Zealand

In a land caught between the sea and cloud, where the natural landscape still refuses civilization, there are those; the composers of words, tellers of tales, that help shape the minds of the people that live on its shores. They are spiritcarvers. New Zealand writing today is engaging in an intent struggle to subvert multiple shapes into voices. These interviews, as a record of biographical orature, are shaped into presenting the figure of the storyteller through memory and language; explorations of how we imagine and create ourselves with and into words. Here we encounter the dichotomy of fiction and non-fiction, myth and consensual reality, imagination and truth: do we live within our own selected fictions? Identity is shaped by the authors’ sense of displacement as well as of belonging-meeting otherness with dispossession, discovering connection through isolation. Among the focal points of the interviews are the role of women’s writing, Maori writing, interrelations among different cultures, and the influence of literary and oral tradition within New Zealand.


More Publications:

Dalle Cime al Mare

An historical novel about the Italian Resistance published in 2012.